The Key Features of Rao Forms

Rao Forms is loaded with features to fit your usecase. We have them listed below and we are very excited to announce the upcoming features with Rao Forms.

Branded QR Code
It allows you to generate the QR Code for each form with your own branding. The generated QR Code would allow users to directly access the form to make a Submission. The QR Code can be generated with the branding & styling of the theme used to build the form.
Accept Scheduled Responses
Got an event and you are asking participants to submit their entries before a deadline? You can do it automatically. Rao Forms allows you to schedule the time when the form would stop accepting the entries. It could save you lot of time & effort to get submissions from your participants.
Google Sheet Integration
Want to store the submission data you have received in your form in your Google Sheets? No worry at all! We have got you covered. Create your own Google Sheet and integrate it within the Rao Forms to get all the entries in the sheet. It is useful to share the Google Sheets with multiple stakeholders for easy business operations.
Stepper Forms
Got a multi-page form or wish to capture lot of information like Personal, Professional, Educational Information from your customers? Create a multi-step or multi-page form using Steppers. It would also ensure good user experience to fill up the information in parts over multiple sections.
Embed Forms to a Web Page
Do you wish to capture leads from potential customers coming to your web page for your products & services? Create a Form with all the information you wish to capture and embed the form on your website with your own theme & branding. Copy the embed code and simply paste it on your website without any coding.
Theme Customization
Theme Customization in Rao forms allows you to customize the look & feel of your form identical to the brand identity of your business. It allows you to choose theme color, background color, logo, banner image and background image, if needed. Rao forms have multiple pre-configured themes to satisfy all the use-case of your business.
Appointment Booking
Appointment Bookings allows you to assign a dedicated time slot to your clients as per your business requirements. It can be used by big corporations or even individuals, it is easier to manage your work. The in-built Appointment Booking Widget within Rao Form Builder enables you to capture precise information from your clients. It allows you to configure time slots, break intervals including start time & end time as per your convenience. Moreover, it also allows you to export the submissions in CSV & PDF Format to keep the records offline with all the booking information.

Upcoming Features of Rao Forms

Payment Gateway

Rao Forms would allow you to accept payments when a user wants to book an
appointment from an individual or a store for service. 

It could save you a lot of time &
smoothen the process, like avoiding no show, getting upfront for booking, generate invoices
and send reminders for appointments.

It would be a secure environment for your
customers to make payments with a few clicks.

Custom Printing for Form Responses

Custom Printing for responses would allow you to get the data printed on your paper

Upload a Scanned Copy or PDF of your offline form and map the fields from
the controls of Rao Form Builder. 

Once it is exported as PDF, it would generate the printed form in the uploaded offline form.

Editor Access

Editor Access to the forms would allow you to add your team or other collaborators
to manage the forms as well as make updates to them, as required. 

Collaborators can view and manage the submissions as well, so if the business process is divided into multiple collaborators, it would be easy and effortless to manage the responses.

Ready to start building forms that convert?