Create forms that people respond to. Happily.

Collect and store data effortlessly. Choose from 100s of templates, customize them with your branding, or create a form easily from scratch. Embed your forms to any webpage. Ask for eSignatures & do much more with    Rao Forms.

Drag-and-drop Controls with Rao Forms.

It’s easy to create any type of form you need with the drag-and-drop feature. 

The user-friendly interface allows you to select components and build your form quickly. 

Drag-and-Drop components like:


  • Input Boxes
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown
  • Signature Pad
  • Radio Button
  • Date Picker
  • Media Uploader, etc.

Collect eSignatures with Rao Forms

The free signature widget allows you to collect signatures online via forms.

You can use the Signature widgets to:

  • Collect signatures for Vendor/Supplier agreements
  • Ask signatures for contractual agreements, financial documents, etc.
  • Onboard new team members
  • And much more

Unique templates for your unique requirements

Explore a wide range of templates that cater to the needs of businesses, doctors, sports clubs, restaurants, and more. 

These templates are designed to be both elegant and efficient, allowing users to save time while creating professional-looking forms.

Need a simple contact form or a more complex survey? Rao Forms has the perfect template for you.


  • Feedback forms
  • Registration forms
  • Online appointment forms
  • Employee onboarding forms
  • And more!

Integrate Rao Forms with Google Sheets.

Create personalized and professional forms with ease and integrate them seamlessly with Google Sheets. 

Say goodbye to the tedious task of transferring form responses to spreadsheets. Rao Forms simplifies the process by automatically syncing responses to your Google Sheets. 

You can focus on what matters while Rao Forms streamlines the collection and organization of data for you.

Design personalized forms with your branding in Rao Forms

Bring life to your forms with elegant themes that can be customized according to your brand. 

Adding your brand colors to your forms makes them even more professional and personalized. 

Add logos, covers, and relevant backgrounds that describe your business to create impactful forms.

Appointments Booking System for Doctors, Consultants, Businesses, and more in Rao Forms

Whether you need to book a routine checkup, a sports session, or a dental procedure, Rao Forms has got you covered! 

Using different templates can help you streamline your appointment scheduling. It helps you enable an efficient process that saves you time and energy. 

Doctors can create:

  • Online Appointment forms
  • New Patient Enrollment forms
  • Patient Feedback form
  • Hospital Discharge Form
  • And Much More.
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Form templates​

Checkout some intuitive features of Rao Forms

Rao Forms vs. Google Forms


eSignature Widget
100s of Premade templates
Appointment Scheduling
Personalized Themes
Drag & Drop Builder
Integrations with Google sheets
Branded QR Code generator

Rao Forms

Google Forms

Useful forms for every need!

Doctor’s Appointment Form
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A doctor’s office wants to streamline its appointment booking process and reduce errors in scheduling. They can use Rao Forms’ appointment booking form template for doctors to create a customized forms. Patients can fill out the form with their personal and medical information, select a preferred date and time for their appointment, and submit the form online. The doctor’s office receives the form submission and can easily schedule the appointment in their calendar. Using Rao Forms’ template saves time and ensures accurate information is collected from patients.
Restaurant Feedback Form
View more
A restaurant owner can use the form to collect feedback from customers on their dining experience. The form can include questions about the quality of the food, the level of service provided, and the overall ambiance of the restaurant. This feedback can help the owner improve their restaurant’s offerings and attract more customers.
Cultural Festival Registration Form
View more
A non-profit organization can use the form to collect registrations for their annual cultural festival. The form can include questions about the participant’s contact information, the type of performance they want to showcase, and any special requirements they might have. This can help the organizers plan the festival better and ensure a smooth event.
User Content Form
View more
A media company can use the form to collect user-generated content for their website or social media platforms. The form can include questions about the type of content the user wants to submit, the format of the content, and any copyright or attribution requirements. This can help the media company engage with its audience and create a more interactive online community.

Choose from 100s of templates that are easily customizable.

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